FWIW: How to Fold a Plastic Bag

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One of the useful lifeskills I acquired while in Mexico is the art of folding a plastic bag. Most people I know just bunch these things up and stuff them under the sink, where they expand, multiply like rabbits, and take over. Now, I’m not into hyper-organizing and I’m ashamed to admit that my house is messier than most, but this is one area where I do have just the tiniest bit of OCD. I hate an unfolded plastic bag.

Interested in taking back the territory next to the cleaning supplies and the recycle bin? Join me in folding your way to freedom!

Here’s how:

Clear some counter space. Spread the bag out so that the pleats, handles, and everything lay flat. I make sure to have the printed side facing up, but you need not be so meticulous.
 Fold bag in half lengthwise. Smooth, checking for rips or holes that would render the bag useless.
 Fold bag in half again, lengthwise.
 Grasp then bottom corner closest to you and fold it along the opposite edge, creating a right triangle:
 Continue folding right triangles. Resist the urge to create triangles with no 90-degree angles:

This is correct.

This is wrong.

Keep on folding those right triangles until you’ve got just a bit of handle left:
 Tuck that bit of handle between the folded layers.
 Now you can fashion a plastic bag bouquet!
Or, just throw them under the sink. It’s OK; they won’t multiply.

At least, not like rabbits.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Following the lead of fellow expat blogger Expatria, Baby! we’re flexing our phone’s photographic muscles and joining in on Scavenger Hunt Sunday. This week we’re looking for the following themes:

Beneath Your Feet
Capturing Movement
Face Your Fears

Here’s what we came up with:

Beneath Your Feet

The maple tree next door has a serious littering problem.

Capturing Movement

Any other parent with a cell phone camera out there must surely appreciate how difficult it is to take photographs before the subject (inevitably) wanders out of the shot. Tell me I’m not alone in this.

We had an errand to run and some time to kill over on the Eastside in Redmond earlier this week, so we took advantage of the beautiful weather and time to kill and went for a walk in the park. Some locals have knit these bright, fascinating socks? sweaters? for a number of trees in the park. They provided a unique backdrop for some nice photos. I thought the sap dripping down the colorful, knit tree sock/sweater made an interesting submission for the Texture category.

Face Your Fears
 Miss Baby A is NOT a fan of the lawnmower. It died on us this afternoon, so I thought that might be a good opportunity for her to get acquainted with the monster while it’s quiet. Hah. It didn’t work with the vacuum cleaner; why would this be any different? Is it cool to add hashtags into posts? If so, #wishful thinking.


These days, we’re counting the passage of time with growth in the garden. Here, our corn is just poking up out of the ground, while transplanted artichokes tower in the background.

That’s all from our end! What’d you think?

Small Style: Polka Dots and Butterflies

So when events conspire to leave us temporarily stranded outside a store in smalltown America, hanging out by the only bench in walking distance and surrounded by the entire local population of nicotine-spewers, what do we do to entertain ourselves?

Shred all the scrap paper in Mama’s purse and take Small Style photos, naturally.

Baby A wore:
Hoodie: Old Navy, thrifted and gifted
Onesie: Target, gifted
Jeans: Department of Peace
Shoes: Jumping Beans

Small Style; Barbeque Style

We went over to our friends’ house for the first barbeque of the season a couple weeks ago. Thank goodness Miss Baby A had just the thing to wear…a dress that her auntie bought for her first picnic last spring. The best thing about baby girl’s dresses is they make great tunics a year or so later.

Baby A wore:
Dress/Tunic: H&M
Leggings: Target
Sandals: Salt Water

Linking up with the original Small Style

Small Style; Small Ponytail

Miss Baby A’s hair is finally long enough to be pulled back in a ponytail. Well, more of a puffytail, actually, with all those curls. I’m going to have to learn how to braid her hair soon…it’s getting out of control!

We are loving the (mostly) dry weather! Toddling around the backyard=hours of amusement. So much more fun than toys.

Subject wanders out of shot

Mama's-eye view


Baby A wore:
Shirt 1: Rocha Little Rocha
Shirt 2: Target
Skinny cords: Genuine Kids by OshKosh
Shoes: thrifted

Linking up with the original Small Style

Small Style; Big Tassels

Spring is finally, finally, finally here!

Which makes it kind of a quirky time to get some hand-me-down boots, but nobody here is complaining because FABULOUS. PINK. TASSELS.

We took these boots for a walk along our back fence, in grass so overgrown it’ll be verging on forest soon. Sunlight becomes us.

Baby A wore:
Jacket: 小酒窝 (Dimple)
Onesie, Skirt, Tights: Target
Boots: Faded Glory (hand-me-downs)

The following day, we broke the boots out again. I’d envisioned this outfit with a darling navy blue pair of Salt Water sandals that Baby A is fast growing out of, but it was rainy and chilly out, so we got a little more mileage (where miles are measured in thousandths) out of the boots!

Baby A wore:
Dress: Tea Collection
Leggings: Garanimal’s

Linking up with the original Small Style

Spring Hopes Eternal

My daughter and I took a walk recently, on one of the first gloriously clear, blue-skied days we’ve had in the Pacific Northwest in what feels like a near eternity. The blossoms and budding leaves we saw got me to thinking that the Chinese (and various parts of the Western world before either 1582 or 1752) really do have it right…the new year begins when Spring pokes her nose around the corner, not in the depth of Winter.

There’s so much expectation in the air this time of year. It feels like almost anything is possible, like everything is fresh and new. So here’s hoping.

Here’s hoping my backyard gardening experiment is a raging success, and I can supply my husband with the okra (did you know the word is Igbo in origin? I didn’t.) and Japanese eggplant he loves so much.

Here’s hoping this spring I find the perfect job that allows me to balance family responsibilities, activities that are really important to me, and my own career.

Here’s hoping this year I drive away the baby fat (and then some) I’m still carrying around.

Here’s hoping we can make the long-overdue trip to see my husband’s side of the family in Africa this year.

Here’s hoping this is the year our small business takes flight.

As we’re hoping and working towards these dreams with concrete goals, here are some inspirational blossoms to enjoy.

These tattered silver dollar Money Plants, found just as we were arriving back home, served to remind me that there is great beauty not only in that which is new and fresh, but also in that which is past its prime.

My, wasn’t that insightful.

Now, off to play in the dirt!